Grundfos TP 40-30/4 0.12kw 1450RPM BQQE 96401879 Commercial Circulator Pump

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TP 40-30/4 0.12kw 1450RPM 

Single Head Pump, 230v. 

Grundfos TP 40-30/4 is a single-stage, close-coupled, volute pump with in-line suction and discharge ports of identical diameter. The pump is of the top-pull-out design, i.e. the power head (motor, pump head and impeller) can be removed for maintenance or service while the pump housing remains in the pipework. 
The pump is fitted with an unbalanced rubber bellows seal. 
The shaft seal is according to EN 12756.
Pipework connection is via PN 6/10/16 DIN flanges (EN 1092-2 and ISO 7005-2). 
The pump is fitted with a fan-cooled asynchronous motor.

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