Heatrae Sadia Multipoint 30L 3KW 7037042

Heatrae Sadia Multipoint 30L 3KW 7037042

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Heatrae Sadia 

Multipoint 30L 3KW 

Product Code 7037042

Product Description

Designed for light commercial use, the safe, practical and hardwearing 30L capacity Heatrae Sadia Multipoint Eco 30V vertical unvented water heater is ideal for restaurant kitchens, office washrooms or canteens, providing on-demand hot water for handwashing and pot filling. Incorporating smart function controllability to recognise and manage demand levels throughout the day, the 3kW Multipoint Eco helps to make cost-effective energy savings, even when using off peak tariffs.

Product Features

  • Includes water heater, mounting brackets, cold water control pack, expansion vessel and bracket, tundish, PRV, check valve, compression nuts and instructions
  • High quality duplex stainless steel
  • Strong, lightweight construction
  • Smart thermostatic control
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • 37 min reheat time
  • Legionella control system
  • Intuitive digital controls
  • Easy control and temperature reading at point of use
  • 15 year inner cylinder warranty
  • 2 year warranty on other components, complete with on-site service

Web Pack Includes

Water heater
Wall mounting brackets
Literature pack
Expansion vessel (including bracket)
Pressure reducing valve (PRV)
Expansion (pressure) relief valve
Check valve
Compression nuts
Copper olives

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