Grundfos TP 40-60/2 Single Head Pump 415v (BQQE) 96401928 RRP £667.20

Grundfos TP 40-60/2 Single Head Pump 415v (BQQE) 96401928 RRP £667.20

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TP 40-60/2 

Single Head Pump 

415v (BQQE) 

Poduct Code 96401928

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Single-stage, close-coupled, volute pump with in-line suction and discharge ports of identical diameter. 
The pump is of the top-pull-out design, i.e. the power head (motor, pump head and impeller) can be removed for maintenance or service while the pump housing remains in the pipework. 
The pump is fitted with an unbalanced rubber bellows seal. 
The shaft seal is according to EN 12756. Pipework connection is via PN 6/10 DIN flanges (EN 1092-2 and ISO 7005-2). 
The pump is fitted with a fan-cooled asynchronous motor. 
Liquid: Pumped liquid: Water Liquid temperature range: 0 .. 140 °C 
Liquid temperature during operation: 20 °C Density: 998.2 kg/m³ T
echnical: Speed for pump data: 2770 rpm
 Rated flow: 9.7 m³/h
 Rated head: 4.6 m 
Actual impeller diameter: 70 mm 
Primary shaft seal: BUBE Curve tolerance: ISO9906:2012 3B 

Materials: Pump housing: Cast iron EN-JL1040 ASTM A48-40 B 

Impeller: Stainless steel DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301 AISI 304 Installation: Range of ambient temperature: -30 .. 40 °C Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar Flange standard: 
DIN Pipe connection: DN 40 
Pump inlet: DN 40 
Pump outlet: DN 40 
Pressure rating: PN 6/10 
Port-to-port length: 250 mm 
Flange size for motor: FT85 
Electrical data: Motor type: 71A IE Efficiency class: NA Rated power - P2: 0.25 kW Power (P2) required by pump: 0.25 kW Mains frequency: 50 Hz 1/4 C


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