AKW 25450 DigiPump M17 DigiPumP Waste Water Pump 07-001-163

AKW 25450 DigiPump M17 DigiPumP Waste Water Pump 07-001-163

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AKW DigiPump M17 DigiPumP Waste Water Pump 25450 BNIB

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The AKW M17 Digital Waste Pump provides reliability, high performance in operation, is easy to install, quiet and is compatible with AKW's wide range of pumped wastes and trays. The innovative designs of these digital from AKW ensure that your new wet room or disabled shower enclosure can be installed in a whole host of different environments, regardless of drainage constraints. Pumps will quietly but powerfully pull the water to a higher point enabling drainage for even the most unusual shower design or tray.


- Quiet in operation

- Compact, with pump and controller enclosed in one unit

- Easy to install

- Efficient debris clearing

- Pump head uses 4 valves for better debris cleaning

- Pump head can be rotated to allow flow in either direction

- Internal T5A fuse

- Installs directly into the Luda shower

- Compatible with Tuff Form, Braddan, Mullen, Keppel and Multi Spec trays

- Suitable for install in zone 1 or zone 2 of a shower room

- Comes complete with 5 Year guarantee from manufacturer




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